Alison gets the 2019 festival under way

Alison Balsom and her Balsom Ensemble got the festival off to a start with a fanfare rather than a swing on Thursday with a packed St Mary’s Church in Ashwell which provided a wonderful atmospheric setting as well as excellent acoustics.

If you didn’t manage to get a ticket for that then there are still plenty of things to see and do at the arts festival this year.

Tickets for the Finale Concert can be purchased online using the icon below or at the specially discounted price of £6 for parents and siblings of pupils performing in the concert direct from King James Academy, Meridian Office. You can also buy tickets direct from Royston Library if you are not online and don’t have a connection with the school for just £8.

Fed up with Brexit? Why not enjoy a fun night out by spending ‘An Evening with Cookie MonStar’ which is proving to be very popular and tickets are also selling very quickly now with just a very few left!

Have a browse of the festival menu on the right to see what else is on or click on the link to the ticketing website below to book tickets for Creative Royston events. Don’t forget that you can also sign up (at right) for our newsletters and/or an email every time a post appears on this site.

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