The 2019 Festival is over!

The festival is over for another year and all the initial indications are that it has been a big success.
Attendances for Creative Royston events at least have been very good and there is even a chance that we might have a surplus this year though we are still settling bills and need to make further calculations before we can make any definitive claims.
We will also soon begin planning for next year’s festival and we could do with another couple of committee members to replace two who left directly and indirectly through illness in the early part of this year. Although this year has been hard work for a new and understaffed committee, all on a learning curve of one sort or another, we have all enjoyed it and take a lot of satisfaction from staging a successful festival this year. We certainly have a friendly committee and if you are interested in joining please contact our Chair in the first instance by email – just click on EMAIL CHAIRPERSON
As well as staging the arts festival Creative Royston support other arts-related initiatives including this year the sponsoring of a workshop to create a song about Roger Britten, Royston’s first recorded black resident. The song was performed by the Boyz Choir of King James Academy at our Finale Concert and you can hear a studio recording of the song by clicking HERE and find out more about Roger and Black History Month by clicking HERE.  
Watch this space for a few facts about and highlights of this year’s festival.