2020 Festival Planning

Last night we had a Zoom meeting of the Creative Royston Management Committee at which we decided that it was not feasible to proceed with Royston Arts Festival in its usual format this year.

Our decision is based on several reasons including the continuing uncertainty over the nature of social distancing that will be operating when the festival takes place in September and how this will affect the venues that we were planning to use for Creative Royston events. We are also aware that we will not have a Royston Fringe this year as they feel that their venues are not easily adaptable to social distancing in the festival context and, quite understandably, they are concerned about the risk to their helpers some of whom are quite elderly. In addition, one of the major contributing arts groups for the festival has decided that it will work towards staging an online alternative this year.

The festival also faces some uncertainty over funding in the present climate so we will now plan to stage an online festival that may also be able to accommodate a live event or two if circumstances allow. At the same time, we will be seeking to reduce our costs to allow us to stage a different festival this year and still leave us with enough funds to stage a festival next year more in line with the usual format.

We hope you understand our reasoning behind this decision and we do already have lots of ideas for events that could work online or live. We will publicise our plans in due course and whilst the closing date for entry to the festival has already passed, in the revised circumstances, we will consider further applications for the next few weeks. Please email either chair@creativeroyston.org or community@creativeroyston.org but please also be aware that, for the reasons stated above, we are unlikely to be able to support your proposal financially, except perhaps in exceptional circumstances and then only to a minimum extent.

Stay safe everyone!