2021 Festival theme & dates

We are delighted to announce that we have a new committee, a new festival theme and our first event planned for 2021. Also, the dates for the 2021 festival will be Friday 24th to Sunday 26th September.

The festival theme for 2021 is ‘Renewal’ and in line with the word’s meaning lies the hope that we will be ‘starting again’ where necessary, ‘continuing’ where we left off, or better still ‘improving’ our lives from lessons learned during the Covid pandemic.

Our first event in 2021 will be the ‘Creative Royston Window Walk’ during the February half-term to lighten up the dark days and hopefully celebrate the approaching end of the pandemic in the UK – or cheer ourselves up in the meantime! Households can use the festival theme or be as creative as they like with their family-friendly displays. Participation is entirely free and registrations (from 2nd January) will get you a numbered poster and your display on a street map. More details will be posted soon both here and on our facebook page – link below.