Creative Royston Window Walk

Here’s a way to  brighten up the winter months and keep the kids occupied during the half-term holiday!

Inspired by all the fun of the Pumpkin Parade,  we are delighted to  announce the Creative Royston Window Walk which is modelled along the same lines and entirely free to enter.

As with Pumpkin Parade local residents will put up displays in their windows which can include absolutely anything you can think of which is family friendly. You can use  tissue paper, fairy lights, disco lights, candles (if supervised), even Christmas decorations, or perhaps create some shadow puppets and put on a performance – anything at all that can be viewed from outside.

You can find some ideas from the the Pumpkin Parade Facebook Page  HERE, on the Window Wanderland website HERE or for shadow puppet ideas on YouTube HERE.

We are proposing Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st February as the dates on which Window Walks take place but of course you can create your display earlier in that week if you wish. We would love to see Royston & villages lit up, so recommend between 4:30pm – 8:30pm as optimal times for viewing.

We will create a street map showing all the registered displays so that people can organise their own Window Walk around Royston and possibly neighbouring villages if we get sufficient numbers.

To register your window display just fill in a simple form which doesn’t even require your name. We will allocate your display a number and provide a template poster for you to use if you wish. Just click HERE to register.

If you have any questions please check our FAQs first and if that doesn’t help please email