The deadline for submitting events for the 2019 festival is midnight on Friday 26th April and that deadline will also apply to applications for seed funding.  If you sign up to our newsletter or request email notification of new posts (in both cases see below right) you will be kept up-to-date on developments for the 2019 festival.

Typically we will let you know whether you have been successful within a couple of weeks in early May. Inclusion of all events is at the discretion of the Creative Royston Management Committee (CRMC) and we should also stress that the festival is primarily a local, community-based arts event.

In 2019 the theme will be ‘Our Planet’ . which reflects the new committee’s interest in and concern about environmental issues.
Creative Royston will be focusing on ‘Green’ issues when planning
its festival events and we hope in 2019 to use the arts as a way of informing and educating people (including ourselves) about environmental issues in an entertaining and enjoyable manner.

However, we also felt that the wording of the theme will allow for a different interpretation by other participating organisations if they wish to focus on celebrating other aspects of the amazing planet on which we all live. We hope this will catch the public’s interest and unify the many varying events.

Please try to connect your event to the theme in some way as this encourages people to attend who might not otherwise.

For important information about how we work please have a look at the Get Involved page. The About Us page and other pages underneath it on the Top Menu also contain useful information on this subject including all our Key Documents.

To help us make the festival run smoothly, we have to set strict deadlines for Event Organisers and details can be downloaded below.

As in previous years, we again intend to make money available to help seed-fund independently organised events and the details can also be downloaded below.

2019 seed funding application

Event Organiser’s Timeline 2019

We do hope you feel inspired to be part of the festival but if we include your event in the festival you must agree to the Event Organiser’s Conditions below. Specifically, you must agree to:-

  • manage your event according to the law.
  • provide the CRMC with details of your event (e.g. timings, venue etc) as soon as possible.
  • provide details of relevant insurance at least 30 days prior to the festival.
  • actively promote the Festival as a whole to your organisation’s members and the people who come to your event (and include a link to the festival on your website).
  • advise people attending your event (in writing in your event programme or prominently on the entrance door) that photographs/video images may be taken during the event and used for publicity purposes.
  • keep a record of the number of people who attend your event, encourage audience feedback and provide a very short summary of this to us. (This will help us to gain funding for the festival in future years).

Please remember it is our policy is to make as many events as possible free and for all admission fees to be set at affordable levels. Although CRMC may offer advice it acts solely in the role of promoter of any events it does not directly organise and it is a condition of their participation in the festival that Event Organisers accept full responsibility for the organisation of their own event(s). This includes all responsibility for the financial management of the event(s) and CRMC will not, either wholly or individually, act as a guarantor against loss.

If you agree to the Event Organiser’s Conditions above and are now ready to Submit An Event please proceed to that page.