Window Walk FAQs

How does this comply with COVID requirements?
All displays must be viewable from outdoors only. Please adhere to all government guidelines for your area, including social distancing. If there are a number of people who are already viewing one display please move on. Walks should be part of daily exercise in line with government guidelines and should not be used as an opportunity for a social gathering with other households.

Do I have to register?
If you register we will include your address on a map to help people who want to view the displays plot their route.

Is there a deadline for registrations?
It would be helpful if you register as soon as possible and certainly by the start  of half-term  on Friday 12th February. (You can always let us know later if you can’t participate after all.) We aim to publish our final map based on registrations received by Wednesday 17th February.

Why are we allocating numbers and do I have to include one?
Feedback from the Royston Bear Hunt and Pumpkin Parade is that young children enjoyed ticking off numbers alongside viewing the displays. We will be creating a poster that you can print off to include your number but if you don’t have a printer you can just write your number on a sheet of paper and place it in your window.

We will be emailing numbers on a weekly basis to those that have registered in that week. Please keep an eye on your emails.

Once finalised we will update the website with the map of registrations and numbers to find.

Will it cost me anything to participate?
There is no cost for registration.

I don’t want to decorate my window but would like to make a display in my garden/front door/other place. Is this ok?
Absolutely. Whilst we’ve called the event ;Window Walk’, we would love to see anything creative. Just make sure your display is on your property only and won’t upset your neighbours.

I’d like to do a performance rather than static display, but don’t want to be doing it all day long. What do you recommend?
We suggest putting a time up on your door/window that says what time you’ll be doing your performance. You could even advertise with a post on the Creative Royston Facebook Group page HERE. We’d ask you to encourage any viewers to comply with social distancing requirements please.

My neighbour/friend would like to participate but doesn’t have an email address?
If you are able to register on their behalf using your email address then we can still add their address to the map and allocate them a number which will be notified to you.

Why are you recommending specific times?
Whilst some displays will be great to view during the daytime, for some which involves lights we have provided suggested times for optimal viewing. This also gives homes participating the chance to switch off their lights at the end of the recommended time.

24 – 26 September 2021