Royston Arts Festival – Online in 2020

Watch out for the September Edition of The Listing!
On the cover you will find the latest artwork from Stacey Leigh-Ross (ByLeigh) who has put together another colourful collage based on the entries by Royston schoolchildren into our Schools Cover Art Competition.
The artwork would have featured on the front cover of the 2020 festival programme so we are grateful to The Listing for giving us this extra publicity.  Click on the icon at the left to have a close look at the artwork and click HERE to find out more about Stacey and her art.
Inside The Listing you will find a two-page centre spread giving you an overview of what to expect from this year’s event which, owing to the circumstances, is the first ‘online’ festival since it started way back in 1982. Click HERE to view it.

Watch this space for a more detailed programme of festival events including some of your favourite music and exhibitions, and a lot more besides!

Battle of the Bands

Howdy folks! If you know of any young guns or gals who might want to ‘Kick up a Row’ and ‘Make a Mash’ get them to take a look at this!
Check out the poster to get the big picture … then Royston MusicFest for more details and if you wannabe ‘The Boss’ don’t be a Deadbeat with the Deadline: Sunday 16th August.
If writing is more your style then have a go at our Creative Writing Competition – details in the post below and the deadline is also 16th August.