2015 Royston Arts Festival

This year our theme is ‘ILLUMINATION’ which is illustrated by the image below  the winning entry in the competition to design an image for our festival programme. Just click on image to view digital version.

Our 'Illumination'  image above was the winning entry in our competition to design the front cover of the festival programme and it was designed by Jennie Verleg.Design by Jennie Verlag

We have a wide range of different events and activities lined up for all ages and covering many different interests which you can find under the ‘Festival’ heading on the top dropdown menu. You can also use the ‘Quick Links’ menu on the right-hand side of the page.

You can book Creative Royston events online and ticketing details for all events can be found on the pages for the each different type of event or activity using the menus mentioned above. Be sure to check our ‘Terms and Conditions‘ before you book and this document also contains important information about using this website.

Many events are FREE and we keep prices to a minimum to encourage you to GET INVOLVED and ENJOY THE FESTIVAL!