2022 Festival theme

Each year the Creative Royston Management Committee (CRMC) choose a theme for the forthcoming festival and for the last few years we have tried to choose a socially relevant one. The theme is designed to help artists, whether they be painters, photographers or quilters, choose a subject which provides some continuity across the festival. This year ‘Circle of Life’ is the chosen theme for the 2022 Royston Arts Festival and the main weekend is Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th September.

The theme, as hopefully with all our chosen themes, was chosen because we think it can be interpreted in a variety of ways and of course is highly recognisable in the connection with the Elton John song and ‘The Lion King’ movie. ‘Connection’ is a key word in the sense that the philosophical concept of the term ‘Circle of Life’ refers to the idea that human beings come from the earth and return to the earth after passing away. We are all at a different place on the ‘Circle of Life’ and we want contributors to the festival to place their own interpretations on the term whether that be in a personal way or one related to society, the environment or climate change, to cite just a few possible ‘connections’.

It does sound a bit sombre put that way but we think we can have plenty of FUN with the theme as well, just as in the movie, and we look forward to having your help with that!

If you think you might want to help further in any way, maybe as a member of CRMC, or have any ideas for the festival, just email Carl Filby using chair@creativeroyston.org in the first instance.

More details on how to submit an entry for the festival will be coming soon. To keep up to date with festival news just subscribe to this blog – see top right.

AGM – Monday 10th JAnuary

Just before everyone gets stuck into the festive season we would like to announce the time and date of the 2022 Creative Royston AGM as 7.30pm on Monday 10th January.

The main purpose of the AGM is to elect the office-holder posts for the forthcoming festival (and calendar) year of 2022. At present there is one candidate for each post of Chair and Vice-Chair, but none for the posts of Secretary and Treasurer. If anyone wishes to volunteer for either of these posts, or is thinking about doing so, please contact Carl Filby using the Chair’s email address below and he will be happy to provide more information or discuss what is involved. We also need more volunteers to serve as ordinary committee members (we meet once a month February to September) and you can also contact Carl for details on those positions. Becoming a committee member is (in normal times) a good way of meeting new people and putting something back into your community, as well as providing opportunities to enhance your CV.

The AGM will be a Zoom meeting again given the current surge in the Omicron variant of Covid and all those with an interest in Royston Arts Festival are invited to attend. If you wish to do so please email chair@creativeroyston.org and you will be sent joining details and associated paperwork.

In the meantime we wish you all a very safe but jolly festive season!

23 – 25 September 2022