Ticketing 2023

Tickets can be bought for the Finale Concert on Sunday 1st October using your online banking facilities and the following procedure.

Ticket prices for the Finale Concert are £5 for adults and £2 for those aged 16 and under.

Just complete and submit the short form below to ensure that you have tickets for the Finale Concert which we hope you will enjoy. (Please note that on mobiles the ‘number required’ box for adult & 16&Under tickets may show on top of the total box for each ticket type.)

You should receive an email shortly after completing the form (please check your Spam folder as well) which will simply acknowledge your order and not contain any further payment instructions. Please do not wait for that to make payment which should be made immediately after completing the form quoting the reference number you have given in the form.

When we have received your completed form and payment we will allocate your ticket numbers and email them to you within 24-36 hours. Please make a note of them or keep the email available on your phone to show at the Finale Concert where we will match your name and numbers against a booking list.

Payment should be made into the ‘Creative Royston’ bank account number: 44604160 Sort Code: 30-90-89 as indicated in the form below.

If you have any problems or questions about the process please email ticketing@creativeroyston.org. For more general questions about the festival please email info@creativeroyston.org.

    Please state below how many tickets you would like at each price level and calculate the cost.

    No of adult tickets reqd:........................ Cost (£) x £5 = £

    No of 16&Under tickets reqd:............ Cost(£) x £2 = £

    Please add the cost of both sets of tickets together and place the
    final total in this box £

    Now please use your online banking facilities to pay the required amount into the 'Creative Royston' bank account number: 44604160 Sort Code: 30-90-89

    Most importantly please provide a reference using the first three letters of your surname, followed immediately by your initial (one only) and the amount that you are paying which should match the total in the box above. For example: Carl Filby purchases 2 adult and 1 16&Under ticket at a cost of £12. The reference to use would be FILC12.

    Please provide the reference you will use in this box

    Please be sure to click the reCAPTCHA box and SUBMIT button below.

    22 September to 1st October 2023