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Festival Fever!

If you attended Royston Kite Festival on Sunday 6th August we hope you enjoyed it and that you picked up one of our fliers with your kite festival programme. If you didn’t just click HERE to view it.

If you did you will have seen that we are working on the inclusion of a wide range of exciting events in this year’s festival now extended and starting on Friday 22nd September. We are currently concentrating on getting as much as possible into our printed festival programme which will appear as a separate publication for the first time since 2019 and will be delivered with the September edition of The Listing magazine in late August.

If you can’t wait until then to find out what delights we have in store then come back to this page around 21st August by which time we hope to have all the festival details available on this and the Royston MusicFest website:

Culture thrives

Culture is not dead yet in Royston! Not only is the Picture Palace reopening on 30th June (click on image @ right or below) but we also had the first new book shop in nearly 30 years, Bow Books, open up this month. We are also lucky to have a brand new radio station in Royston Radio (click on image @ right or below) as well as a range of established arts groups.

We also have an arts festival of course and plans are well developed to bring you another major event on the weekend of Friday 29th September to Sunday 1st October and a day or two beforehand.

Our festival theme this year is ‘Force of Nature‘ and if you have an idea that can be developed rapidly to meet the copy deadline for our printed programme, around mid-July, then it is not too late to contact Chairperson Carl Filby using the email address to discuss. Details of how to submit an entry and also how to apply for seed-funding have been left on the Organise an Event page for the time being.