Help save Royston Town Band’s bandroom

Royston Town Band fundraised for and built their own bandroom 10 years ago but it is now under threat due to a proposed increase in land rent from £500 to £7,385. Yes, you read that correctly nearly a fifteen-fold increase!

If the band lose that space there is a risk that they may no longer be able to continue. They are calling on Hertfordshire County Council to renew their lease for 40 years, and continue to grant them the 10% discounted rent for their bandroom site.

Royston Town Band has been an integral part of Royston’s cultural fabric for 160 years, providing entertainment at local events and fostering a sense of community among its members and audiences alike. By supporting this petition, you are not only helping preserve a vital piece of Royston’s heritage but also contributing towards maintaining a vibrant community life in Hertfordshire.

Please sign this petition urging Hertfordshire County Council to continue to grant Royston Town Band the 10% discounted rent it needs for its bandroom site and share the link below as widely as you can. Let’s keep music alive in Royston!

Thank you for any help you can give.

2024 Festival

We held our 2024 Creative Royston AGM on Tuesday 9th January and took a last-minute decision to do so via Zoom as more than one potential attendee was suffering from a cold or similar ailment.

Kate Berry has been elected as our new Chair, alongside Cath Boughton as Vice-Chair and Francesca Foster as Treasurer. Carl Filby has stepped down after five years as the Chair and was elected as Secretary. Phil Oddy has stepped down as Vice-Chair but will remain on the Creative Royston Management Committee. Cath will continue to oversee marketing and publicity and Carl will continue to run the festival and MusicFest websites.

The new Creative Royston Management Committee Members for 2024 can be found on the top menu under ‘About Us’ on the ‘Who We Are’ page or click HERE.

The AGM also approved the Draft Income & Expenditure Account submitted by the Treasurer for the year ending 31 December 2023.

Everyone can read our 2023 Annual Report by clicking on the front cover image to the left (laptops) or below (mobiles) or by clicking HERE.

If anyone has any questions or comments about the 2023 Annual Report please email them to the outgoing Chair, Carl Filby, using the email address or click HERE.

The main weekend for the 2024 festival will be Friday 27th to Sunday 29th and, as usual, we expect this to extend into the days leading up to the festival, probably to include the weekend before that.

We have not yet chosen the festival theme and would be happy to consider any suggestions from the public which you should email to or click HERE. Ideally it should be something short and memorable, possibly with a socially relevant theme e.g. climate change, or perhaps commemorating an anniversary. Please note that Creative Royston are non-political and non-commercial.

Our ‘Submissions’ process will start a bit later this year probably in March rather than February and if you wish to keep up to date with any developments please request an email each time we post on the website by signing up below (mobiles) or bottom right (laptops).