Thank you to the Rotary Club of Royston for overseeing this competition and putting up most of the prize money, and also to David’s Bookshops for supplementing the value of that prize money in book tokens.

Thank you to all those who entered the competition and congratulations to the prize winners. Click on the titles below to read the stories.

7-10 years
Joint-Winner: Priscilla Tibenderana (9) New Life
Joint-Winner: Nathan Tibenderana (7) Dinos and me
Runner-up: Freya Johnson (8) The four heroes

11-14 years
Winner: Genevieve Eaton-Banks(13) The Refugee

15-18 years
Winner: Elizabeth Eaton-Banks (18) Phoenix
Runner-up: Jasmine Brett(16) I’m a Were-What?

Winner: Justine Blaydon. ‘In the deep woods’

Other entries

Amelia Keen (8) Moving to Italy
Edward Scales(8) A new person
Darcey Brown (8) The girl who helped the world

Imogen Clements(11) The heavens spoke to me