Cover Art Competition 2022

We are delighted to announce that we are going to run another Cover Art Competition in 2022 for Royston schoolchildren which includes all those children living or attending school in Royston and the surrounding villages covered by the circulation area of The Listing magazine.

Our artist Stacey-Leigh Ross (By Leigh) will again select images from the artwork created by schoolchildren based on our festival theme. We hope to display the resulting original artwork on the front cover of the September edition of The Listing magazine which will also contain the 2022 festival programme. The names of those children whose images are selected for inclusion will also be credited alongside the original artwork on our festival website and on our social media.

This year Circle of Life is the theme for the 2022 Royston Arts Festival and as with all our themes, was chosen because we think it can be interpreted in a variety of ways and of course is highly recognisable in the connection with the Elton John song and ‘The Lion King’ movie. ‘Connection’ is a key word in the sense that the philosophical concept of the term ‘Circle of Life’ refers to the idea that human beings come from the earth and return to the earth after passing away. We are all at a different place on the ‘Circle of Life’ and we want contributors to the festival to place their own interpretations on the term whether that be in a personal way or one related to society, the environment or climate change, to cite just a few possible ‘connections’.

That might sound a bit sombre put that way but we think we can have plenty of FUN with the theme as well, just as in the movie, and we look forward to having your help with that!

All the entry details can be found on the poster which can be viewed by clicking on the image on the left (scroll down on a mobile) and the deadline for entry is Friday 8th July.